HTTP Response Codes
  • HTTP Response Codes

    HTTP response status codes indicate whether a specific HTTP request has been successfully completed. Test your knowledge of HTTP response codes in this quiz.

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    HTTP Response Codes

    HTTP Response Codes are essential for handling exceptions in Web APIs. Which one of the followings are valid response codes?

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    1xx Response Code

    HTTP response code starting from 1xx includes,

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    2xx Success

    201 Created response indicates that,

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    2xx Success

    200 OK is a standard response for a successful HTTP request when nothing goes wrong.

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    4xx Client Error

    Which of the following response is received when the user authentication has failed.

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    4xx Client Error

    HTTP response code starting with 4xx means that the server has experienced an error.

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    3xx Redirectional

    Which response code indicates new permanent location of the requested resource?

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    4xx Client Error

    400 Bad Request response is returned when,

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    5xx Server Error

    500 Internal Server Error indicates failure in fulfilling a (valid) request.

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    5xx Server Error

    502 Bad Gateway is returned when,