What is Pariksha?

Pariksha is a quick and easy way to setup interactive flashcards directly from your excel spreadsheet within seconds.

Convert your notes and learnings into quizzes

The key idea of Pariksha is to transfer your notes and learning journals into digestible Q&A format and transform them into an interactive exercise that you can refer back whenever & wherever.

If you don’t have anything to begin with, you are welcome to try on pre-made quizzes till you get inspired to make your own. Give it a try here.

Bitesize ‘n Fun

It is bitesize ‘n fun brain workout when done so often, it will enforce steady confidence for success in your exams if you’re preparing for one.

It is small because you practice only ten questions at a time. And it is fun, because it looks so pretty and the questions fly like physical flashcards!

You’ll want to make Pariksha you daily habit, and result will facilitate repetition and enforce timely knowledge retrieval.


With a promise that you won’t have to create one question at a time, maximum efforts have been put into achieving the quiz creation with no more than 3 clicks. Simply import an excel document with all questions in it and start taking tests within seconds.


With Pariksha, you can share your Quizzes with anyone securely and privately.

Early Access

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