Laravel Database
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Laravel Database Pariksha

  • 1. Database Support
    Which is the following databases are supported by Laravel?
  • 2. Database Config

    The sticky option ensures that any data written during the request cycle can be immediately read back from the database during that same request.

  • 3. Running Raw SQL Queries

    DB facade is used to run queries. Which of the following methods are available for each type of query.

  • 4. Database Transactions
    To run a set of operations within a database transactions, which of the following method can be used?
  • 5. Retrieving Results
    What is returned when using table method on DB facade followed by get method.
  • 6. Selects
    addSelect method is used when you wish to column to existing select clause.
  • 7. Database Transactions
    Which method is used to begin transaction manually and have complete control over rollbacks and commits?
  • 8. Chunking Results
    Which of the followings are true for chunk method?
  • 9. Raw Methods
    The selectRaw method cannot be used in place of select(DB::raw(...)).
  • 10. Joins
    Select valid Laravel join clause methods.
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