VueJs Basic
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VueJs Basic Pariksha

  • 1. Lifecycle Hooks
    Select invalid Vue Lifecycle Hooks, if any.
  • 2. Components
    What are Components?
  • 3. Data Option
    data must be a function when passed into Vue Component.
  • 4. Props
    A prop is…
  • 5. Data Communication
    Parent-child relationship of the component can be summarised as props down and events up.
  • 6. Props
    When passing down a number via prop, like this, some-prop="1"
  • 7. Data
    Properties in data are only reactive, if they existed when the instance was _____
  • 8. Binding
    Shorthand syntax for v-bind is :.
  • 9. Props
    Given the one-way-down binding between child property and the parent, if you attempt to tranform the raw value of a prop from child…
  • 10. Props
    It is not possible for a component to specify validation requirements for the props it is receiving.
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